17 Architectural Bibles Students Should Live By

While the internet provides such instantaneous and useful information on a daily basis, there is nothing quite like a good old book to really gain insight into the architectural world.

Here at Roth, we have an extensive library of books and sources that we love to refer back to on a daily basis. Our book shelves are filled with everything from historical architecture to style guides on Havana and Morocco. As avid readers of architectural theory, here are our top seventeen books that Alex Roth (Our principle architect) and the Roth team swear every design and architectural student needs to read in their lifetime.

Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and Practice by Richard Lawlor
Top 17 Books for any Novice Architectural Designer:
  1. Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and Practice by Robert Lawlor
  2. The Thinking Hand by Juhani Pallasmaa
  3. The Architecture of Happiness by Alain De Botton
  4. Blink, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcom Gladwell
  5. A Pattern Language by Alexander, Ishikawa, Silverstien, Jacobson, King and Angel
  6. Paddock Full of Houses by Max Kelly
  7. Science, Order and Creativity by Bohm and Peat
  8. The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard
  9. Structures by J.E Gordon
  10. The Empty Space by Peter Brook
  11. Cradle to Cradle, Remaking the Way we Make Things by Michael Braungart and William McDonough
  12. Affluenza by Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss
  13. Who Moved my Cheese? By Dr Spencer Johnson
  14. Why a Man Should be Well-dressed by Adolf Loos
  15. From Bauhaus to Our House by Tom Wolfe
  16. 101 Things I learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick
  17. Stupsi Explains the Tree by Claus Mattheck

If you read even one of the above seventeen books we have listed, you can gain a new found perception on many different aspects of what is is to be an architect and what good space truly entails. Always remember, books hold the key to information that has not yet been translated into the digital world. As such, so much can be learnt in the history of architecture and the best place to absorb it is from the pages of the books of people who created it.

Many of the books featured today can be found at a local library or by searching online at amazon.com . Happy learning!