Architecture For Millennials

Generation Y, better known as millennials are slowly beginning to reach the age where they are starting to purchase, invest and reshape the housing world. With engagement comes an impact on design and architecture, particularly in residential architecture. It’s an interesting topic to explore and is something that we can see having a more of a impression on architecture than more recent generations have. The reason we say this is because the mentality of why a person life’s is becoming linked with how a person lives.

We aim to break down and explore this aspect and more below.

The Millennials Impact

While millennials may be known as the “peter pan” generation who delay taking rite’s of passage into adult hood, theres no doubt that purchasing any sort of home or apartment is near impossible in Sydney’s current real estate climate. While this may mean they are getting our own spaces later than usual, they also have more time to think about what they want. With wants being so particular, it can be a great idea to take something run-down and make it your own. I.e take the worst how on the block as the best opportunity for development. The best opportunity for making a profit.

You can save money on buying something old and using clever techniques to redesign it. The “requirements” that a millennial home has doesn’t follow the path of over the top luxury. This is thanks to the focus on the earth’s health and adapting the way in which we design things to be used in our homes. This want and need for sustainable design is an imperative part of the process. While it sounds expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Our blog post on sustainable design outlines how the core foundations of the house can lead to positive impacts, with little cost.

Future Proofing Design

While this mentality is good for the environment and our savings, we also see it impacting residential design for the long run.  Not since the turn of the 20th century have we seen surges in technology and mindset of this extreme. The focus previously has been on how to make the home feel more luxurious. The focus now is shifting to how the inhabitant can live a great life with positive impacts. It’s this notion that will stick with designers from here on out. No matter if luxury has a resurgence, the sustainable aspects will be imbedded. Its important to note that architecture is being adapted, not rewritten. The core principles used for centuries are being used when we design. Traditional elements are just being fiddled with to allow for better outcomes.

The millennial legacy is not a loud wall paper, bright colour or crazy piece of furniture. The legacy is the intense interest in creating a future that will be enjoyable for our grandchildren. Our expanding knowledge on what earth needs will only continue to reshape architecture of the past for the future.

As a firm made up of young professionals apart of this generation, we strive to design following this principle. We hope to create not just good design but great design. Design that has positive impacts and lessons that can be taught down the line.

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