Art & Photography, Our top Ten Favourite Pieces

When developing your home or commercial space, or even just updating your interior pieces, a sure fire way of brining life to the space is by incorporating art and photography. Traditional art is great at bringing in texture and colour, while photography brings in life. It is also a good way of being able to keep on top of your favourite trends. The versatility of being able to put up and take down a piece within five minutes enables you to have a classic base that will translate throughout time. The finishing touches of adding a statement artwork or photo brings a whole new layer to a space. It can link you to the immediate outside world, a memory or even a place you’ve never been instantly. We have complied our favourite pieces of the moment below for you.


Antonia Mrljak – Her Personal Narrative of Wading in Summer Fields 

While abstract, these colours blend and contrast beautifully to create injection of colour that wont blind its surroundings.

Aly Barohn – Pull No.2

This textured hand dyed cotton on canvas adds dimension and textural form.

Kate Banazi – Through the Square Window #131

An electric pop of colour. Put this against a white wall in a calm room to add excitement and flare.

Veronica Grech – No Satisfaction 

A illustration or print is a cost effective means of injecting your personality into your home.

Paula Do Prado – Mirada Larga

This beautiful one of a kind piece is made from hama beads, pink seed beads, white glass seed beeds, hemp and cotton and adds a traditional and mystical vibe to any space.


AquaBumps – Linear

The perfect way to tie into your neighbourhood, AquaBumps produces amazing aerial shots of some of Sydney’s iconic local landmarks.

Anita Beaney – Joshua Tree Two

Anita instantly transports you to a landscape hundreds of miles away, adding a cool and fresh and organic touch to any space.


AquaBumps – Hole Calm

Black and white photography can add emotion and atmosphere to your room. It has an instant sense of calm and serenity.

Getty Images – Rolling Stones on 5th Ave

Capturing iconic people, events or days through photography can add mood and memory to your space, an important layer of information.

Murray Fredericks – Icesheet #4724

Murray produced a beautiful awe inspiring shot of a landscape so foreign to us here in Australia. Its a wonderful and interesting piece to any collection