Before & After, Paddington Street Paddington

Romance in Paddington.

As a growing blog, we want to expand the types of posts and information we have on offer. As an attempt at creating better insider content for you all, we introduce the ‘Before & After’ series. During this blog series, images of the before and after of spaces and rooms within completed projects will be posted. Readers will see that even the most dismal spaces can become filled with atmospheric energy and life.

The first project of the rank is Paddington Street Terrace, located in Paddington New South Wales. Known for ornate terraces, workers cottages and history, Paddington is a cultural hub. While this history is abundant, the maintenance of said history has been lacking.  As a society changing as time passes so quickly, our domestic needs and wants are changing. Our beautiful terraces are not equipped to provide contemporary lifestyle to contemporary occupants.

The brief of this project was to create an open and connect environment. View points from the different levels were required for the family with young children. And of course light was of up most importance. From working with the clients, we have been able to create a house which oozes modern day romance.  Lets get into how we achieved this huge feat.


The stark contrast between these kitchens is almost comical. The biggest changes to the space include its relocation. While not everyone will be able to just move their kitchen to different floors, if you are seriously considering a renovation to improve the quality of life, than moving the kitchen to the ground floor with direct outdoor access is key. You spend a lot of time in this zone, don’t section yourself off from sun and fresh air. Freshen up your kitchen with stone and bright finishes. This is aid in enhancing the fresh atmosphere, making you feel healthier as a whole.

materials and finishes

This terrace was filled with yellowing timber and old carpet. While thats nice for some, it doesn’t exactly create an healthy and clean environment. We had such a good time exploring and playing with materialities and finishes. This, with the incorporation of original elements such as the arch, brought the romance, history and atmosphere into the modern time. Bulky ornate pieces were replaced with sleek and smooth steel. The arch way created a motif that could be carried throughout the house, with a modern day take on the Juliet Balcony looking down onto the ground floor living.

building envelope

A lot of these beautiful structures have been battered with the extreme Sydney weather for decades now. The once pristine and cared for exteriors have been neglected as such. A sure fire way to breathe new life into your home is by focusing on simple elements of the exterior to make it a cohesive unit. With this in mind, a big focus for this project was the garage and rear elevation. We continued the white finish along the lane way fence and created a circled  edge to the garage structure and as a result we have been able to link the front and rear elevations as seen below.