Before & After, Windsor Street Paddington

Midcentury Windsor Street

Following on from our last post in this series, we are taking a look at another of our favourite Paddington Terraces. Located on Windsor Street, this charming abode has become a creative families dream. When first approached by our clients, they had a pretty good idea of what they wanted in mind. Their brief was so informative we still use it as an example today! Connection to outdoor space, multi-functional furniture and zones and an overall streamlined living was required.

Front Elevation

Paddington‘s terraces are monuments of Sydney’s history. Their beautiful facades represent a time of development and growth. With many built last century, their age is starting to show. A key factor in bringing back to live a terrace is being able to bring it into the modern lifestyle. This includes the front elevation and the front garden. As noted in their brief, the client required the front yard to be useable and easy to maintain. As seen here, the before, while easy to maintain, was completely unappealing. No one in their right mind out hang out here for long.


windsor street
Before: Front Porch
After: Front Garden & Elevation


Multi Functional Rooms – Kitchen

Whomever owned the house before our clients adored dark wood and marbled flooring. It is however, very dark and did not help bring in life or air. It also made key living area’s very cramped. With the house already being small (as most terraces are) it was imperative that we created a multifunctional kitchen. The roles the kitchen now plays includes, bar, seating area, traditional kitchen, gathering space and also has a direct link with the outdoor entertaining area. The space is now filled with light, and it was also a fun opportunity to play with the Midcentury aesthetic the clients loved.


Before: Kitchen
After: Kitchen, Banquette Seating, Bar & Dining



Entry, Stair & Living to the left.
Dining Room connecting to the Kitchen
Existing Master Bedroom
Existing Rear Courtyard and outdoor Dining



Kitchen & Banquette seating with bar
Living Room, as seen through the Library
Library/ Formal Living
Rear Garden with hidden Pool, two car Garage at rear of the property.


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