Chateau de Gudanes & the Restoration of History

Chateau de Gudanes & the restoration of history.

Everyday Roth works tirelessly to restore and rebuild structures of the past. It can often be an interesting and excited process, with many time pieces found within walls and floors. While Paddington may be old, it is nothing compared to the historic monuments of the old countries. This tale came to us a couple of years ago when scrolling through Instagram. In 2011, Australian Couple Craig and Karina Waters were researching homes for vacation in France. After travelling to see the site in person, and after a couple of years of negotiation, the pair purchased the home with the aim of restoring it to its former glory. With the help of the Waters, the Chateau has slowly but surely been repaired back from serious decay.

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The History of The Chateau

The neoclassical chateau started construction in 1741, coming to completion in 1750. The building seen today sits on the site of a medieval fort, the first documented structure being in 1213. designed by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, the house played host to lavish parties attended by society elite.

This all came to a close however, during the French Revolution in 1789. The heir to the house died with in prison, with all assets being confiscated as though proven guilty. However, no trial occurred prior to his departure. The property passed from hand to hand following this uprising, until being purchased by the Tarn-et-Garoone department as a holiday spot. During the 1960’s-70’s, the chateau and surrounding land was used as a child summer camp ground.

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In 1994, after plans to turn the chateau into a luxury hotel fell through, the building became apart of the national historical monument list. Ultimately, this caused delay in any planning or renovations and the project was abandoned in 2009. By 2010 the property hit the market, however it was in major disarray and decay.

God bless Craig and Karina Waters for taking the leap of faith and committing to rebuilding this iconic monument!

The Waters have been documenting their progress online and on social media since the beginning. Its nothing short of fascinating to read. Many hidden elements have been unearthed, including frescos behind wallpaper, secrete tunnels suspected to be used during WWII and even found remnants of the old fort. With two of the original medieval forts towards were discovered.

You can follow the Waters much like we have been (obsessively) for years. With the plan of having accommodation on offer, we hope to be able to visit one day to appreciate the hard work.

Photograph: Nuvo Magazine

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