Field of Light | Ben Murno | Uluru Exhibition Extended

Since April 2017, a landscape of light has been planted around the iconic and spiritual epicentre of Uluru. Born from his original visit to Uluru in 2002, Ben Murno has illuminated this ancient site with roughly 50,000 stems of coloured light. The success of the installation has lead to the exhibition being extended to 2020. Making this the longest installation in his portfolio. An amazing feat for a man who has been everything from a bricklayer, to an aerobics instructor.

Uluru’s field of light.

Looking like a field of alien and futuristic flowers, the installation covers more than 49,00 square meters, which is larger than the MCG! The British artist notes that solar powered lights and their colouring were crucial when designing. As such, a beautiful array of blues, violets and ochre stretch across the landscape. With the main goal being not to overwhelm the grounds of Uluru, the intensity of light was also considered. In turn, it doesn’t take away from the stunning sky that people flock to Uluru to witness.


The Field of Light, Photo: Sourced


From looking at pictures, one can see that this installation adds to the already spiritual nature. It is a meditative and gentle piece, which is a vast contrast to the usual ‘Vivid’ light installations. The successfulness of the installation stems from this aspect. It works in harmony with the existing landscape. For thousands of years, humans have been travelled to the rock for its meditative and spiritual powers. To be able to amplify this very unique experience is an amazing feat.

With the extension of this installation being confirmed for another two years, we couldn’t recommend more that people travel to go see it. While it may be a bit of a trek, the chance to see and interact with the vein light ecosystem that has been imbedded within the iconic landscape.

While you can, book a tour online, which is highly recommended are tickets are selling out constantly.