Five Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Outdoors Inside

Outdoors inside? It can often be a challenge to strike the right balance between these two different areas in a  home. This is our take on what contributes to finding the perfect balance when bringing the outdoors inside:


In many of our projects, we consider the ways in which we can support the outdoor lifestyle that Australians like to have in their home. The clever insertion of doors and windows can provide a seamless flow between inside and outside. Living spaces become one main entity with the back yard.


Material choice is a powerful tool in linking the landscape to the rest of the house, as well as creating a harmonious home. In the Watson’s Bay Cottage project, a neutral palette was chosen to soften the rooms and connect the space with nature. The white fence and exterior cladding match the interior walls. The timber deck and seating match the internal timber flooring. As a result, a relationship quickly forms between the two, enhanced by the subtler elements that also follow a well-thought out theme.

Outside Inside
Intersection of Open Plan Living, Watsons Bay Cottage



The consideration of the space that lies in between the inside and the outside is integral to forming a nice transition between both. Elements such as decks or flowing slabs from the main dwelling to the outdoor area connect these two separate spaces. Therefore, the technique is used frequently in our projects. While it will differ slightly in response to each client and the context of the site.

Functional Landsacpe

It is our aim to enhance the architecture and boost the quality of life inside the home by ensuring the outdoor area us functional. It is achieved by good landscaping and a close attention to detail. The garden needs to be enjoyable to view from a distance, yet also nice to spend time in. The climate should be considered carefully and the landscape should provide a comfortable environment throughout all seasons. The outdoor furnishings, flooring and plants need to work together in a cohesive manner and consequently compliment the outdoor lifestyle.

Internal Courtyards and Skylights

Skylights and courtyards offer a connection to the outside world for interior rooms without outside access. Furthermore, they aid a smooth passage between the public and private spaces. The quality of light and overall feel of the house increases. Rooms which are forgotten can become better connected to the rest of the house and a stronger visual connection can be established.

It is the Australian dream to inhabit both the indoors and the outdoors together as much as possible. By following the above tips and ideas, you can create the ideal living space for you and your family.

Outside Inside
Exterior Functionality and Material Translation, Watsons Bay Cottage