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Indoor Outdoor

Outdoor rooms and synergy between the outdoors and indoors have become a sought-after feature in homes. As our summers linger longer it makes sense to have more of the outdoors indoors. Also consider the titillating feeling of winter sun radiating warmth through us and bringing positivity and circulation to our lives and our veins. Indoor-outdoor connections in architecture can create spaciousness and enable us to make maximum use of every square metre we call home.

Celebs who inspire, such as George Clooney, Ellen DeGeneres, Ralph Lauren, Diane Keaton and Khloé Kardashian to name a few; have all made stunning outdoor rooms part of their living experiences. However even those who are restricted by budget and space can still plan a clever contemporary indoor-outdoor space. Roth Architecture has designed for both ends of the spectrum.

Alex Roth believes there’s something cosy about an outdoor room surrounded by rooms “It can be likened the centre of the nest and if it’s north facing can be a great light and sun collector which really makes the whole place sing.”  This natural light can be transformative for our mental state. There’s also something tropical about making a room such as the kitchen a stylish pass through between the inside and outside of your property and this can open the house dramatically.

Roth lived in Japan in between finishing one university degree and starting his second. He was completely inspired by Japanese architecture. “They are so genius and masterful at what they do; you’ll usually find Japanese design themes in my work.”

Tenryu-ji Temple, image: Hojo

Roth architecture can help you to figure out the goals of your outdoor room; is it a place to find inner peace and calm, or a place to entertain or both? You’ll want it to be a place of beauty. It may be a more casual pared down version of what’s going on inside, or something quite different, providing a graceful surprise factor. Roth is never short of thoughtful clever touches when it comes to his designs.

Roth can only ever recall being fascinated by space. His lifelong curiosity about perfecting his surroundings is a fundamental part of what drives him to push boundaries. “It’s such a good feeling when you open people’s world up for them through your designs.” He’s thought about how to dissolve the edges of your home to give that indoor-outdoor connection.

He understands how features such as foldaway walls can provide the flexibility you crave in relation to your space. You might use awnings that help bring the outside inside, small pools, pocket doors, lush green foliage, gorgeous rugs, a fire place or pit, wooden slats, oversized tiles and lavish pots or sculptures. The way the timber of kitchen cabinets matches door frames and decking can reinforce the sense of cohesion between the inside yin and the outside yang. Rooms without corners and glass bifold doors with multiple ceiling skylights, perfect blending of the elements, innovative and ingenious use of light can all be facets of bringing the outdoors in and taking the inside out.

If you’ve been fantasising about introducing the indoor-outdoor element to your home be assured that Roth Architecture has a strong relationship and experience with these design features. Outdoor rooms are the kind of renovations that can often be easily implemented and bring much lightness and joy to everybody who resides in the dwelling and thrill the visiting guests.

Coogee House, image: Murray Fredercks


Article written by Catherine Merchant for Roth Architecture.