Maximising Small Spaces

It is often a misconception that it is not possible to live comfortably and stylishly in small spaces. However, we believe their is opportunity for great spaces in little packages. If it smells like a daunting task, let us minimise the room for error. Read our tips on how to maximise these challenging spaces:

Multifunctional Small Spaces

Firstly, collect specific hero pieces which complement and don’t overwhelm the space. Ensure these items have a dual function to increase the overall function of the room.

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Quality not Quantity

In the process of choosing items for your space, make sure that everything has a specific purpose. Art should hang above eye level and accentuate the interior space. Smart shelving and storage solutions help organise and break up a room. Further, a colour palette should be chosen to give a sense of light and openness.

Vertical Aspects

Where possible, one should organise the room in terms of height. If a second level can be created within a room for a bed, desk or storage, find a solution to do this. Out of the box design choices can help in providing the space with more flexibility, which is important in maintaining a comfortable space.


Another aspect is decoration. Fresh, simple and not too cluttered is an ideal aesthetic. It is important to keep a critical eye and make refined design choices.

Small Spaces
Windsor Street Terrace, Banquette Seating

In one of our completed projects, the kitchen/ dining area uses this idea of the ‘multifunctional’ furnishing. Terraces can be awkward buildings to work with and require unusual methods to achieve a spacious home.

Most noteworthy, clean lines and refined materials are a feature in the bar pictures above. The sofa cushions have a palm tree print to evoke the outdoors and make the illusion of open space. Further, a gaze is drawn to the plants inside and outside, linking the two together. The light blonde colour of the timber complements the green in a simple manner, allowing the space to breathe. In addition, the surfaces act as both decoration, storage and display. Finally a sink is include din the furnishings to create a double purpose of bar and lounge. As a result, the look is simple and effective but the design is clever and detailed.

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