Meet Our Director | Alex Roth | Roth Architecture & Interiors

Alex Roth has been in the industry for 25 years.

He studied in Psychology at New South Wales University, and it wouldn’t be until he lived in Japan that he will change paths and fell in love with architecture. The aesthetics of the country captured him, and as he already loved to draw and to sculpt, taking architecture as a matter to study seem like a good step to take.

Roth will start his architecture studies while he was running the swim school that he owned. Starting out as a builder, he has become the director of the company that carries his name.

Father of two kids and Sooty, the dog, he manages to have time to enjoy what he loves to do: surfing and skating, and, of course, travelling, which led him to where he is now.

It is Alex’s dream to build a rememberable architecture that positively impacts its surrounding environment along with the people who inhabit it.