Narrow Terrace and House Renovation

The Narrow Renovation

As architects based next door to a heritage area, narrow homes and structures are situations familiar to Roth. There is a belief that small homes make for unenjoyable spaces. This is not the case. While they can be difficult, they can be cosy and comfortable. Read on to find out how to renovate your narrow space to perfection.

Narrow Bath
Gordon Street, Using Light For A Narrow Shower


First of all the key to a small space is to optimise it individually and as a whole. There is no point having four bedrooms and having only a relatively small space for general living. Arrange your spaces with realistic care, most importantly making sure to make the rooms proportionate to each other. Base this off of the amount of time you might spend in there or the types of activities that might happen in them.  If you are only sleeping in a room than why make it twice the size of a room where people lounge, cook, eat or play?

Especially relevant to tight homes is space sharing. Space sharing is a device Roth uses to maximum the sense of space. For example, a kitchen island extending to become a dining table. Rather than having a separate kitchen and dining area, a better solution is to combine the two in a way that does not diminish near activity.

Another example of space sharing is seen in our Bondi Beach Apartment. The bathroom sink and cabinet double as a TV unit for the lounge room opposite.

Multifunction Narrow Living
Bondi Apartment Multifunctional Basin and Unit.


In line with the above idea of space sharing is the multifunctional. As mentioned in many of our other blogs, make sure you find furniture pieces or design joinery that acts as two things rather than just one. For more on this, read our blog titled Maximising Small Spaces.

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Overall tips to remember when completing your next renovation:

  1. Proportionate room allocation;
  2. Space Sharing;
  3. Optimisation;
  4. Functionality.