Renovating a Victorian Terrace

Alterations and additions to a Victorian terrace is a difficult balance between history and contemporary.Roth Architecture has been completing renovations of varying sizes in heritage conservations zones across the Eastern Suburbs of sydney for over twenty years. Here are some of the key rules we have learnt throughout our time:

Retaining Heritage Features of a Victorian Terrace

First of all, the reason people love terrace’s is because the unique architectural features and decoration. It is important that a renovator keeps to features that are ‘period’ natured, making sure not to miss match them. Maintaining the characteristics that are true to the time period of construction is key. The renovator should not put a Victorian ceiling rose with Federation cornice’s.

In addition, this is particularly important when the subject site is located within a heritage conservation zone or is listed as a heritage item itself. To continue the architectural integrity or the time period, one should design and repair in a sympathetic nature.

Windsor Street, Structural Steel Archway, Paddington
Introduction of Modern Elements

When the introduction of a new element occurs, there should be a stark enough difference to enhance the presentation of both time periods. Victorian next to minimalist modern can work subject to clear relationships being retained across both parties. For example, our Paddington Terrace located on Windsor Street boasts modern elements that reflect heritage techniques. This is especially relevant in our arched openings.

Built in the early 20th century, Windsor Street Terrace uses contemporary materials to mimic the motif of the traditional thresholds. As a result, the minimal modern of our time blends seamlessly with the period elements and is a good example of perfecting the renovation of a Victorian terrace.

 Know your Subject Site

A renovator should research and learn about their site, the period it was built and the intended usability of the space. As a result, the final outcome will be a beautiful interaction of the Victorian time period and the contemporary.

Greenbank Terrace Staircase, Centennial Park

For more examples of the above mentioned, please see our projects page for inspiration.