Wellness & The Influence Of Architecture & Interior Design

Wellness & Architecture

As a whole, society is generally beginning to be geared towards physical, spiritual and metal health and wellness. With this aim and direction, comes the need for spaces which reflect the balance we seek so desperately. The trend and importance placed on the aesthetics and atmosphere created in spaces, sometimes out weights the function or service it provides. For example, a yoga studio provides classes for a practice aimed at spiritual, physical and mental strength and peace. But its not enough to just provide this service, the space the user inhabits needs to provide the atmosphere that reflects the desired outcome. This is why you often find these studios to be calm, bright and serene. This creates a healthy environment, amplifying the practice occuring in it.

This theory of wellness and the influence from architecture translate into the residential and or private zones as well. It is an aspect that we as a firm, take into consideration when designing a space, or even reconfiguring an existing space. The point of a renovation or even a new build is to create the best possible space that is healthy for the owner. When walking through a house for the first time, Alex aim’s to capture key elements and bring them into the space. These elements include natural sunlight, air and wind flow and of course, views. The connection with the outside world is vital in creating a balanced environment. This access to nature, even in the subtlest manner, will enhance the space and add a calming energy. The subconscious may not even be aware of the influence, but we are.

One Hot Yoga: Potts Point. Architecture by Rob Mills Architecture & Interior. Photo, sourced.
Wellness & Interiors

The next layer in this theory is the interiors. A cluttered space to most will protect a sense of being trapped. A inhabitant can feel overwhelmed or controlled by the contents of their own home. When decking out the home with interior elements, refined and selective choices are a must. This does not mean that the space has to be boring. Adding colour and texture and interest through artwork or accent pieces works perfectly. The biggest mistake one can make is putting everything plus more into a room. Take a hard look at the contents, do you need it? What does it bring to your life? What does it bring to your health and happiness? If it doesn’t evoke any sense of wellness than you do not need it in the space. Be brutal and create a refined and sophisticated palette of items and objects that exude positive energies.

Centennial Park, Dinning Room. Photo: Murray Fredericks

If you need help with planning your renovation or your future home, office or commercial property than give us a call today. We aim to collaborate to create a space that is healthy and happy. while being functionally perfect and aesthetically pleasing.