Centennial Park – Gordon Street Terrace

Our Greenbank Terrace was a great complex and satisfying project. Being tasked with the role of combining two very different but both beautiful terraces was an interesting process with a satisfying outcome.

The house has an overall sense of calm and unison, the three levels flowing with each other and one would not realise upon entry that it was originally two individual pieces.

Staying true to the heritage features of both homes while incorporating modern elements was a key factor when designing and our soils steel stair does a fantastic job of complementing yet amplifying the main course-way up through the structure.

A very open and sun filled space was created at the back of the home, the living spaces becoming one main entity with the back yard. The most impressive feature of this area and the home itself, is Roth's in-genius intersection of the glass sliding doors. While a large amount of weight is being held at that point, Alex Roth worked tirelessly with engineers and consultants to ensure that no beam would be needed, instead supporting the large structure elsewhere. By doing this, there is a true sense of the interior / exterior blending and life style the clients were looking to achieve.

Centennial Park – Gordon Street Terrace

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