Coogee – Arden Street House, Eurhythms

Awash with natural light, Eurythms at Coogee is the quintessential sophisticated beach house. Wide eaves, skylights and carefully placed windows direct the abundant sunlight in a slow symphony throughout the home. The play of shadows it creates is an artwork sufficient in itself to adorn the serene surfaces.

The warm and inviting sandstone of the heritage wall at the front of the property sets the tone for this design, which exudes subtle coastal elegance. The colour and texture palette for the entire project can be solely traced to its variations. It runs, ribbon like, through the home, dissolving and reappearing, glimpsed from almost every angle as the space is used. Reflected in outdoor spaces and the texture of internal walls, the sandstone ties the design together.

A simple interior of clean lines is complemented by timber framework and accents. As the name suggests, natural materials quietly merge to exude their textural beauty in this meditative design. There is a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, raw concrete and warm sandstone is carried into garden retaining walls, the only embellishment, a subtle wave motif of weathered timber.

This home is a masterpiece of negative space, rooms have the impression of being formed by an interval in the narrative, rather than having been intentionally put there.

The dynamic flexibility of this design makes its functionality fluid for years of use to come. It holds endless possibilities to reshape spaces to the desires of the user.

Coogee – Arden Street House, Eurhythms

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