Paddington – Alma Street Terrace

Alma Street Terrace in Paddington was a project which commenced in 2009. We worked closely with the clients to establish the needs and wants of additional space for their family of five to spread out. While the clients did a minor renovation on the ground floor, we designed the house to include additional rooms, open kitchen and dining with a link to the outdoors and a back studio.

The alterations and additions still allowed the sense of space, nature and overall breathing room for each family member; something that wasn't there to begin with and isn't generally organic to a Paddington cottage or terrace.

The home still resonates with 2018, almost ten years later, with classical and timeless finishes, clean lines and light and an elegant link back to the core heritage features.

Images have been supplied by Bresic Whitney.

Paddington – Alma Street Terrace

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